Taking an Independent Lighting Retailer from $0 to $2,000,000 in Ecommerce Sales


A thriving local lighting retailer based in Oakville, Ontario, approached us in late 2019 seeking to enhance their online presence and unlock the potential of ecommerce sales. Despite having a comprehensive catalog available online, their existing website failed to generate significant traction in terms of online sales. Recognizing the untapped opportunity, they partnered with us to expand their trade area, and drive exponential growth in their ecommerce sales.

The Challenge

The Client faced the common dilemma encountered by many brick-and-mortar retailers in the lighting industry. While their catalog was accessible online, the outdated design and poor user experience of their website hindered their ability to capitalize on the vast potential of the ecommerce market. They needed a strategic solution to transform their online presence and establish a robust platform for driving sales beyond their local store.

The implementation process involved meticulous planning and execution to ensure a seamless transition to a new website platform. Our team worked closely with the Client to design and develop a website that aligned with their brand identity, and provided an intuitive shopping experience for their customers. Through organic SEO efforts and strategic Google Shopping campaigns, we were able to drive targeted traffic to the website, resulting in a significant increase in monthly unique visitors, and the sales started to pour in.

The Solution

We proposed a comprehensive solution centered around migrating the Client's website to the Shopify ecommerce platform. Leveraging our expertise in building great online shopping experiences on the platform, we crafted a visually stunning and user-friendly online shopping experience that seamlessly showcased the Client's extensive catalog of over 50,000 products. By optimizing their data feed and automating inventory updates, we ensured that the website was not only aesthetically appealing but also optimized for search engine visibility, and up-to-date product availability.

Aligning Brand & User Experience

Recognizing that the target clientele in demands a higher quality product that meets sophisticated design criteria, we meticulously curated a product mix that aligned with those tastes and preferences. By setting a strategic price floor, we ensured that the Client's product offerings not only reflected the premium quality expected but also positioned them as a purveyor of luxury lighting solutions.

In an effort to make luxury accessible and to sweeten the deal for those high-end clientele, we introduced an incentive that's hard to resist—free shipping on all orders. This gesture of value not only elevated the customer experience but also encouraged higher order values.

Furthermore, acknowledging the importance of a personalized touch in the luxury market, we offered exclusive online and in-home consultations. This service allowed customers to receive expert advice tailored to their specific needs, ensuring every lighting solution perfectly complemented their living spaces. Whether seeking advice digitally or preferring a more hands-on approach through in-home service, customers enjoyed unparalleled convenience and personalization.

With the launch of the new website on Shopify, we prioritized ease of use, ensuring that whether customers preferred shopping on desktop or mobile, their experience was seamless. The intuitive design of the website made it incredibly easy for customers to find exactly what they were looking for, removing any barriers to purchase and enhancing user satisfaction.

Driving "Ready to Purchase" Traffic to the Site

We meticulously crafted a strategy that funneled a steady and robust stream of traffic towards the website, engineering the top of our sales funnel to be both welcoming and highly effective. Our approach was twofold: firstly, we honed in on organic search engine optimization (SEO), enhancing the website’s visibility by a staggering 50%. This wasn't by accident; our team conducted in-depth keyword research, optimized site content, and improved the site's overall structure, making it more accessible to search engines and, by extension, potential customers.

Secondly, we complemented our organic efforts with targeted paid campaigns. Recognizing the importance of immediate visibility and reach, we launched a series of carefully calibrated Google Ads and social media advertising campaigns. These were not your run-of-the-mill advertisements; each was crafted with precision, designed to appeal to the Client's specific target audience, ensuring that every dollar spent was working towards substantial returns. These paid campaigns proved to be a masterstroke, drawing in immediate sales and significantly boosting the website's traffic from day one.

This dual-strategy approach was not just about attracting any traffic—it was about attracting the right traffic. By increasing organic SEO by 50%, we ensured that more potential customers discovered the Client through their search queries, attracting those who were actively seeking lighting solutions. Meanwhile, our paid campaigns acted as a beacon, guiding those ready to purchase directly to the Client's website. Together, these efforts created a powerful synergy, driving both quantity and quality of traffic into the top of the sales funnel, setting the stage for remarkable sales growth and a thriving ecommerce presence.

Boosting Customer Loyalty

To elevate the Client's connection with their customers and fortify customer loyalty, our approach was multifaceted and meticulously thought out, leading to impressive outcomes.

First, we developed and nurtured a robust email list, enriched by offering an enticing incentive bonus to subscribers. This strategy not only encouraged sign-ups but also enabled us to disseminate personalized content, promotions, and updates, keeping our brand top of mind and fostering a sense of community among our customers.

In addressing the issue of abandoned carts (a common challenge in ecommerce), we implemented a series of strategic recapture initiatives. Through targeted follow-up emails and personalized incentives, we successfully re-engaged potential customers, reminding them of their initial interest and encouraging them to complete their purchases. This effort significantly increased our cart recovery rate, directly boosting our overall sales figures.

Understanding the importance of increasing the average order value (AOV), we introduced strategies designed to encourage customers to add more to their carts. By showcasing related products, offering bundle deals, and creating a sense of urgency around limited-time offers, we effectively motivated customers to increase their spending, thereby elevating our AOV.

Recognizing the diverse financial needs of our customers, we offered flexible installment payments. This option made our high-quality lighting solutions more accessible to a wider audience, removing financial barriers and enabling customers to purchase their desired products without the upfront financial burden. This not only increased immediate sales but also built long-term customer trust and satisfaction.

Our commitment to creating a loyal customer base led to the development of a comprehensive loyalty program. Members of this program were rewarded for their ongoing engagement and purchases with points that could be redeemed for discounts, exclusive products, and special offers. This initiative not only incentivized repeat business but also deepened our customers' emotional investment in our brand.

Lastly, we recognized the value of our most dedicated customers by creating exclusive offers for VIP customer segments. This elite group received early access to new products, special discounts, and invitations to exclusive events, further solidifying their loyalty and encouraging higher spending.

Together, these strategies formed a powerful ecosystem of customer engagement and loyalty, significantly contributing to the Client's ecommerce success and establishing a strong foundation for future growth.

The Results

The results of our ecommerce transformation for the Client were nothing short of remarkable. Within just a few months of launching the new website, they experienced a tenfold increase in website traffic, going from around 2,000, mostly local visitors, to over 20,000 unique visitors each month. This surge in online visibility translated into tangible results, as the Client was able to generate over $2,000,000 in ecommerce sales.

Key Statistics

Over $2,000,000 in Total Sales
Average of 20,000 Unique Monthly Website Visitors
Built an Email List of Over 10,000 Customers and Contacts

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