Revolutionize Your B2B Ecommerce Experience in Just 90 Days

Verdure's B2B EXO package is an end-to-end solution designed to optimize your ecommerce experience swiftly and efficiently

How Do Wholesalers and Manufacturers Get Started with Ecommerce Quickly and Efficiently?

The B2B Experience Optimization Package (B2BEXO) is a comprehensive, package that covers every aspect of setting up and optimizing your B2B ecommerce platform. From design and development to integration and launch, our program ensures your business is online and operational within 90 days.

Introducing B2B EXO; the evolution of ecommerce for wholesalers and manufacturers. 

B2B EXO is More Than Just a B2B Ecommerce Website Development Package

By taking a holistic approach, aligning your sales process from start to finish, you'll see greater efficiency in all departments.

End-to-End Ecommerce Development

Initial Discovery & Assessment

Understanding your business is the first step to success. Our Initial Discovery & Assessment phase ensures we tailor our solutions to meet your specific needs and goals.

  • Business Analysis: We conduct a thorough analysis of your business model, target audience, and unique value propositions.
  • Current Setup Review: Evaluation of your existing ecommerce setup (if any) to identify strengths and areas for improvement.
  • Goals & Objectives: Setting clear, measurable goals for your ecommerce project to align with your business objectives.
  • Project Roadmap: Development of a detailed project plan outlining key milestones and deliverables.
  • Traffic Sources

    You have a beautiful storefront, with great exposure on a busy street. You have a slick website, packed with features that looks really cool. But let's face it. It's a numbers game. You need more people to actually walk into the store and visit the website.

    Our approach helps you:

    • Increase traffic to the website and store
    • Master multiple sources for both paid and organic traffic channels
    • Meet your customers where they are most likely to be found

    Catalog Optimization

    A well-optimized product catalog is crucial for enhancing user experience and driving sales. Our Catalog Optimization process ensures your products are presented in the best possible way. 

  • Product Data Management: Organizing and standardizing product information for consistency and accuracy.
  • SEO Optimization: Implementing SEO best practices to ensure your products are easily discoverable by search engines.
  • High-Quality Imagery: Using professional images to showcase your products effectively.
  • Category Structuring: Creating a logical and intuitive category structure to help users find what they need quickly.
  • User Experience & Conversions

    Creating an engaging and user-friendly design is key to retaining customers and driving conversions. Our User Experience & Design phase focuses on crafting a seamless online shopping experience.

  • Custom Design: Developing a unique design that reflects your brand identity and appeals to your target audience.
  • Responsive Layouts: Ensuring your site looks and functions well on all devices, including desktops, tablets, and mobile phones.
  • User Interface (UI) Design: Crafting intuitive navigation and interactive elements for a smooth user journey.
  • User Experience (UX) Optimization: Enhancing the overall usability of your site to improve customer satisfaction and increase conversion rates.
  • Loyalty & Retention

    Sustainable growth means not having to rely on constantly acquiring new customers. You need to keep them coming back, and telling others about how great you are. You do this by providing personalized experiences that make your customers feel appreciated, delivering the right message, to the right person, at the right time.

    Our approach helps you:

    • Create personalized shopping experiences that customers love
    • Nurture relationships with existing customers and contacts
    • Build brand loyalty and increase referrals
    • Lower Customer Acquisition Costs
    • Increase Customer Lifetime Value

    Systems Integrations

    Seamless integration of various systems is vital for efficient operations and data management. Our Systems Integrations phase ensures all components of your ecommerce ecosystem work together harmoniously.

  • CRM Integration: Connecting your customer relationship management system to streamline customer interactions and data management.
  • ERP Integration: Integrating your enterprise resource planning system for better inventory management, order processing, and overall operational efficiency.
  • Payment Gateways: Setting up secure and reliable payment gateways to facilitate smooth transactions.
  • API Integrations: Custom API integrations for seamless data flow between different platforms and systems.
  • Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the B2B EXO Package?
    The B2BEXO Package provides an end-to-end setup of your ecommerce website, and integrated systems. The package includes everything from initial consultation and design to integration, testing, and launch, all within a 90-day timeframe.
    Who is B2B EXO for?
    The B2BEXO Package is designed for wholesalers, manufacturers, and distributors looking to establish or optimize their online presence. It’s ideal for B2B businesses that want a professional, fully functional ecommerce site with integrated systems to streamline their operations and boost sales.
    How long does it take to deliver the B2BEXO Package?
    The B2BEXO Package is structured to get your ecommerce website up and running within 90 days. This timeline includes all stages of the project, from initial consultation to final launch and training.
    What platforms and systems do you integrate with?
    This package is primarily focused on setting up your ecommerce site on Shopify or Shopify Plus. We also integrate essential systems like CRM, ERP, inventory management, and payment gateways to ensure seamless operations and data flow.
    What level of customization does the B2B EXO Package offer?
    We offer a high level of customization to meet the specific needs of your business. Our services include custom theme design, specialized functionalities for B2B transactions (such as customer-specific pricing and bulk ordering), and tailored integration solutions.
    Will I receive training on how to use the new ecommerce site?
    Yes, comprehensive training is included as part of the B2B EXO Package. We ensure your team is fully equipped to manage and operate your new ecommerce site effectively. We also provide support documentation for reference.
    What kind of post-launch support do you offer?
    We provide 90 days of free technical support after the launch of your site. This includes continuous monitoring, troubleshooting, and optimization to ensure your site runs smoothly. We also offer ongoing maintenance options for long-term support.
    How does Verdure ensure the quality of the ecommerce site?
    We conduct thorough testing and quality assurance at each stage of the project. This includes functionality, performance, and security testing. We also perform user acceptance testing (UAT) to ensure the site meets your requirements before the final launch.
    How much does the B2B EXO Package cost?
    The cost of the B2B EXO Package varies based on the specific needs and scope of your project. We provide a detailed proposal and pricing after the initial discovery process.
    How do I get started with B2B EXO?
    To get started, simply contact us to schedule an introductory call. We’ll discuss your business goals, current ecommerce setup, and how our B2B EXO Package can help you achieve success online.

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