Why a Website Color Scheme is Critical

Why a Website Color Scheme is Critical [A Must Read]

Why a Website Color Scheme is Critical [A Must Read]

Why a Website Color Scheme is Critical

We understand you might be excited to start your eCommerce website design. However, in order to be truly successful throughout your web design journey, you must understand why choosing a good website color scheme is even important in the first place.

Choosing a color scheme for your website can be a difficult task. Colors play a major rule in how people perceive your brand, so you want to make sure you’re sending the right messages through the colors you use. Through color psychology, you can either captivate your site visitors or repel them.

This picture by Visme shows the emotions different colors give off

First off, what even is a website color scheme?

A color scheme is a well thought out arrangement of colors that create an overall unified aesthetic. This combination of colors should captivate and intrigue your website visitors to stay on your site. This is important as 52% of online shoppers won’t return to a website if they don’t like the overall aesthetic.

Above all, It goes deeper than just choosing a beautiful website color scheme. You must always keep in mind how your website visitors will react with the colors you choose. A website color scheme is an essential part to any amazing web design. In this article we will give you 3 reasons why choosing a perfect website color scheme for your brands site is so critical.

#1. The average human has an attention span of only 8 seconds

Yup, you read that right. The majority of people nowadays have an attention span of only 8 seconds. But do you want to know what makes this statistic even more shocking… Gold fish have an attention span of 9 seconds (yes only 1 second more than the average person). Now here’s the worst part, the average INTERNET user has an attention span of just 3-5 seconds.

This means, you typically only have 3-5 seconds to captivate your site visitors and whats the best way to do this? Well with color of course. By using a well thought out color scheme you can catch your visitors attention in those 3-5 seconds and intrigue them to stay on your site.

#2. Increased conversions

The color of your call to actions (CTA) go hand and hand with your website color scheme. You may not think so, but the color of your CTA can greatly impact whether or not a site visitor decides to click your CTA or not. The colors, red, green, and orange can increase conversions by 9% but only if proper contrast is used.

#3. 62%-90% of website visitors base their judgment off color alone

If the colors you incorporate into your websites design don’t match your brand, chances are your site visitors won’t understand the brand message you’re trying to convey. This can be disastrous and can lead to visitors quickly leaving your website for a competitors. Once again, it is essential that your color scheme creates a unified aesthetic for your visitors.

Conclusion: Why a Website Color Scheme is Critical

Now that you know why a good color scheme is critical you’re ready to learn how to create one. We’ve chosen a very informative article by Dream Host so you can continue your journey and learn how to choose a color scheme for your website. Remember, your website color scheme is a very important principle. eCommerce website design principles should’t be neglected as they can have huge benefits for your website.

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