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Top 3 eCommerce Product Image Sizes for Faster Pages and More Sales

Did you know that 75% of online shoppers affirm that product pictures influence their purchase decisions?

It is undeniable that good product images attract customers, increase sales, and improve ROI, and size is among the essential traits of a good product image.

An eCommerce product image size refers to the dimensions of the photo – the height and width.

Apart from enhancing aesthetics, the size of a product image affects your website’s usability, loading speed, and, importantly, customer satisfaction.

As such, it is best practice to choose an image size that improves the user experience and meets visitors’ needs.

But how exactly does image size affect page speed and sales?

1. Small eCommerce Product Image Sizes

Small images with dimensions of 100×100 or 200×200 are best for thumbnails. They are used in the product category and site search results listings.

Thumbnails are large enough to show a product’s features such as shape, design, and colour.

When you click on a thumbnail, a larger image launches or you are directed to a dedicated product page with a full-size image.    

2. Medium eCommerce Product Image Sizes   

These images are best for product pages and convey various perspectives of an item.

It can be the front side, backside, or underneath, depending on the unique product.

Product page images are typically 640×640 or 800×800.  

3. Large eCommerce Product Image Sizes

Some product categories require detailed up-closes.

They include products where consumers would like to zoom in and see details such as patterns, fabric, colours, or manufacturing information. Large images are ideal for such products.

With dimensions of 800×800 or 1000×1000, these images have click-to-zoom or mouse hover functionality.

They are commonly used for jewelry products, luxury fashion brands, and vintage online stores.   

Platform Image Size Restrictions

When uploading an eCommerce product image, you choose between thumbnail, product, and zoom images, depending on your category of products.

Nevertheless, most eCommerce platforms such as Shopify and Magneto have product photo size restrictions that users must adhere to.

  • Shopify: They recommend image sizes of 1024×1024 but can support up to 2048×2048.
  • Magento: It supports three image sizes. A 50×50 thumbnail is recommended for purchasing charts, thumbnail galleries, and related item suggestions, while a 370×370 is ideal for listings on new product sections and category and search results pages. For image zoom circumstances, 1000×1000 works well.
  • Wix: It recommends two formats. 200×200 is standard for gallery images, while 400×400 works for product pages. All photos must have an image ratio of 4:3.
  • LightSpeed: LightSpeed’s Point of Sale application accepts a maximum image size of 512×512. All images above this size are automatically reduced to 512×512.   

Consistency is King

It is best practice to use a consistent style and size for images on your eCommerce site.

Your photos will not only look better, but consistency will help align text, column, and other information on your site.

Different image sizes look clumsy and make your site disorganized, which affects user experience and satisfaction.   

Conclusion: Top 3 eCommerce Product Image Sizes for Faster Pages and More Sales

The importance of good product images in eCommerce cannot be ignored.

They draw attention to your merchandise while increasing sales and boosting your ROI.

The best eCommerce product image sizes are the ones that work best for your site. If you sell at a platform like Shopify, the vendor restricts your options to specific image sizes.

However, if you own an eCommerce site, you can use small image sizes for thumbnails, medium image sizes for product pages, and large image sizes for zoom categories.

Let’s Work Together

Do not forget to be consistent with the size and style of your images. If you struggle to manage your product listings, check out our eCommerce product listing services. Let’s work together!    

Prefer to speak with us and learn more about how we can help your business succeed online? Contact our full service eCommerce agency at your convenience, we’re looking forward to speaking with you!

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