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This article will provide you with 5 tips to create the most effective event marketing emails that people will want to read!


The success of any event-based campaign lies heavily on the tools used for marketing.

Therefore, while thinking of the best channel to market your event, you have to consider fundamental factors; these may include its ability to reach a bigger audience, strategic power, ability to engage the audience, and its overall impact.

There are many marketing channels to choose from, but email marketing stands out for many reasons. 

According to surveys conducted in this regard, 40 percent of event marketers agree that email marketing is the most effective channel for promoting an event.

In any case, 91 percent of people check their emails every day-making this medium an optimal marketing choice. 

To create the best event marketing emails possible, there are a few key elements you need to incorporate in your emails. They include; 

Create interactive content   

The only way to catch the attention of your audience is by creating content that interests them from the start.

While creating content, keep in mind that you only have about 15 seconds to communicate your message before the average reader loses interest.

As such, you have to make it precise, straightforward, and convincing. One way to be interactive is by using videos and GIFS.

As research shows, GIFS can increase your audience by 26 percent, while videos can increase click rate by up to 22 percent.

The fact that they tend to catch the eye better than words make them worth leveraging while email marketing.

Create targeted messages 

No doubt, personalizing your emails can significantly help to reach your audience in a more relatable way.

In fact, 74 percent of event marketers contend that customizing messages can increase customer engagement.

Making your emails relevant to your subscribers shows that you are invested in them.

Make use of email preference center to acquire your subscribers’ data. With the right information, you will know exactly what every client prefers, which, in turn, will help to create messages that appeals to their preferences. 

Avoid being flagged as spam

Your emails being flagged as spam could be the blow that ultimately destroys your email marketing campaign.

When someone reports you as a spammer, your emails might be banned, which means they won’t even arrive in other subscribers’ inboxes.

Today, advertising accounts for 36 percent of spam. 

To avoid being reported as spam, make sure you only email people who subscribe to your campaign.

While here, make your content interesting in a way that your current subscribers will forward your messages to others, thus increasing your audience base.

This will result in a higher event ROI and bigger event attendance. 

Make your CTAs bold and engaging

The average subscriber only spends about 11 seconds on your emails.

Since you are not assured they will read every word you include in your message, you have to leverage the elements that make it easier for them to go straight to the point.

One of these elements is the call to action (CTA). 

Consider using a button rather than a link to make your CTA more unique. A button is easier to notice and click and is 33 percent more effective compared to links.

Additionally, use colors that to make the button more noticeable and remember to keep the CTA copy concise!

Make your emails compatible with mobile  

Mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets, are quite ubiquitous in this era of technology.

This means that they are more commonly used to perform tasks, from checking emails to booking a place in an event.

For this reason, you have to ensure your emails can be opened and read through mobile devices. Focus on using responsive templates that are compatible with every device.

Moreover, ensure you confirm that your emails can be opened through mobile phones before sending them to your subscribers.

This way, you do not have to lose an audience because you failed to take into consideration a seemingly small issue.    

Conclusion: 5 Tips For The Best Event Marketing Emails

Companies such as Uber and Marriott International have leveraged email marketing to reach their clients, and no doubt, they have benefited greatly from it.

This proves that your company stands to excel if you begin to consider the power of email marketing.

Try the simple techniques outlined in this article and see how it affects the results of your next event-based email campaign!

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