Top Social Media Management Tools for Small Businesses

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Top Social Media Management Tools for Small Businesses

Top Social Media Management Tools for Small Businesses

In the modern world, it’s tough to get by as a business owner without having a strong social media game. If you happen to be a small business owner, it’s even tougher to get by without having tools for managing your social media presence. Here are a few options for social media management tools that we found works well for those with small businesses.


TweetDeck is an old favorite for social media management that is particularly valued for being free. It’s also known as being economical, especially in comparison with other options relative to the features that it offers. Obviously, this is particularly important if you’re running a small business since you’re going to need to keep your fees as low as possible.

You can schedule Tweets with this service, making it one of the better options since it’s free. However, this tool is only for twitter so if this is all you really need out of social media management, this could be the option to consider.

Social Pilot

In terms of trying to find an option that lets you handle accounts from many different social networks, Social Pilot will give you this capability. You can use it with Google+, Twitter, Facebook and even LinkedIn. The service allows for bulk scheduling, and they even let you take advantage of various extensions for your browsers as well. It’s possible to set it up so that different employees can all work together through the accounts, and they do have a free plan.

There are a few limitations like 10 posts per day, but this may be less of a problem for smaller businesses.


This site is versatile and it works well for small business owners. There are a number of features that help facilitate you keeping an eye on your accounts, and you can switch to posting in the blink of an eye as well. Additionally, there are a lot of options for gathering data as well. As a small business owner, this is important, because efficiency is going to be particularly important, so you’ll need the data to make sure that you’re taking advantage of what you have in every way that you can.

The tools available here include a host of CRM options. Again, as a small business, managing customers can be a challenge due to the fact that you don’t have an endless supply of agents to handle everything. These tools on HubSpot make it so that you can keep all of your emails and other communications with customers straight, as well as call up any other information you need about them. It’s possible to manage marketing campaigns both through social media and through other media here too, of course, so that it all integrates together.


It’s hard to beat IFTTT in terms of the sheer number of possibilities you get for social media management. Automation is going to be your lifeline for running a small business due to not having the same amount of personnel as others, and IFTTT is the ultimate automation machine. The service works with Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and just about every other service you can imagine.

The way it works is that you choose an “if” part of the task you want to create first. In this case, the “if” refers to some trigger for the event. So, if you wanted to be informed by email when a certain account posts to your social media, you can use that for the “if.” At this point, you then choose a “then,” which would be the task you want to happen, which would include sending an email to yourself to let you know that it happened. The service allows you to choose just about any combination of triggers and events so that you could automate huge amounts of your social media presence.

This could include thanking people for purchases, thanking them for following you, and just about anything else that you can imagine.


HootSuite is one of the gold standards for social media management. Part of this is because it’s relatively easy to use and it does a lot in the area of scheduling. You can schedule a huge number of posts on Twitter ahead of time. The exact number can vary, but it’s often at least two dozen. The service also makes it easier to set up contests on social media. If you get something free to hand out to social media subscribers, it will often attract a whole lot more of them, and you’ll end up making sales that more than recover the cost of the thing that you’re giving out.

Plus, if you end up giving out something like a free t-shirt, it will allow you to gain benefit off of both sides of the equation, since you can put your logo on it, and this will serve as free advertisement anywhere the person who wears it goes. HootSuite has a free version, and they also have a trial for the more expensive versions so that you can see whether they will work out for you. Another big part of why HootSuite is useful has to do with their integrations and versatility. The service works with many other services online, and you can create campaigns from templates if you need to make a lot of them.

Conclusions: Top Social Media Management Tools for Small Businesses

Overall, trying out one or more of these social media management tools is going to be your best bet. These tools will make sure your social media presence doesn’t get beyond your ability to handle. The temptation is going to be to let the accounts go dead a little since you have so much to do when you’re busy. However, if you want to make sure these tools generate as much advertisement and buzz for you as possible, then this wouldn’t be an especially good idea. Small business owners especially can prevent themselves from either getting swamped or not posting enough.

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