Valuable SEO Tips for eCommerce Sites

SEO Tips for E-Commerce Websites

Valuable SEO Tips for eCommerce Sites

Valuable SEO Tips for eCommerce Sites

eCommerce companies need more than just stellar products in order to meet sales goals and remain financially competitive.

To truly succeed, you have to ensure that people searching for the types of products you sell end up on your website.

One of the most important tools to achieve this goal is your SEO strategy.

In a nutshell, SEO involves tailoring the content on your product pages in order to get the highest possible rank when people enter related keywords into a search engine.

If you would like to learn more about how to get the best results from your SEO, keep reading.

This article offers 3 Valuable SEO Tips for eCommerce Sites.

#1. Embrace Long-Tail Keywords

Keywords lie at the heart of any SEO strategy. Every page on your website should include keywords that help to boost your search engine rankings.

On one hand, keywords are a fairly simple concept.

Yet that doesn’t always mean that the simplest keyword is the best. Especially for common products, the more basic your keyword, the more competition it will be up against.

Instead, focus on what SEO strategists refer to as long-tail keywords.

An example should help to make this distinction clear. Say that you run a hypothetical eCommerce business selling t-shirts. Many people assume that “t-shirt” would be the most effective keyword for driving traffic to your site.

Yet this keyword is so general — and so generic — that it will be difficult to beat out more deeply entrenched competitors.

A long-tail keyword increases specificity, helping you to carve out more of a niche. For instance, “long-sleeve graphic t-shirt” will do a much better job of attracting the kinds of customers your business is tailored towards.

#2. Diversify Your Keywords

Another common SEO mistake involves using one keyword over and over on multiple pages.

Ideally, you should assign a unique but related keyword to each and every one of the pages on your site.

This tactic will improve your SEO results in two ways:

To begin with, unique keywords eliminate the problem sometimes known as keyword cannibalization.

Keyword cannibalization essentially means that different pages on your website are directly competing against one another. This unfortunate phenomenon ultimately hurts the rankings of all affected pages.

Assigned unique keywords to different pages also strengthens your overall SEO profile through greater contextualization.

Research performed by Google has shown that synonyms play a role in as many as 70 percent of searches. In other words, the thing that the searcher is looking for is not always the exact thing that they type in.

Consider the t-shirt example from above. One person searching for a long-sleeved t-shirt with a picture on it might type “long-sleeve graphic t-shirt.” Another person searching for the same thing might type “long-sleeve picture t-shirt.” Another might type “long sleeve graphic tee.”

Using such close variants as the keywords for different pages on your site will ultimately improve your rankings on all of them.

#3. Cut Down on Pronouns

Today’s search engines do more than just pick up on keywords.

Those search engines take into account all of the language on a particular page in order to assign a ranking.

The more thematically related words you can fit in, the stronger the results will be.

One of the biggest enemies to successful SEO comes in the form of pronouns.

Words such as “it,” “they,” and “these” do nothing to help generate competitive results for your web pages.

Such words are basically meaningless fillers as far as search engine bots are concerned.

Worse still, every time you use one of those words, you miss out on an opportunity to enliven your page with relevant vocabulary.

Whenever possible, try to replace those useless pronouns with concrete, demonstrative keywords.

Conclusion: Valuable SEO Tips for eCommerce Sites

The success of an eCommerce website depends on its ability to utilize up-to-date SEO strategies.

We hope from reading this article you were able to learn something new that you can implement into your eCommerce SEO strategy today.

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