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Get Lighting Case Study

eCommerce Management Case Study Overview

Picture a website that is not seeing conversions, is not ranking for keywords which is translating to very low online-store traffic, and unsynchronized product data... These were all obstacles that Get Lighting had to overcome. Such tribulations were holding this lighting store back from reaching their goals; and being a strictly online operation, these issues were a major problem. They had revenue goals which could not be met due to this, and since enough was enough for them, they sought out a full-service eCommerce agency to assist them. Having this realization, they reached out to us at Verdure Digital to solve these recurring issues. They had done so to ensure that their revenue goals were being met, and to guarantee that their stance in the online lighting store industry was strong.

Context & Challenge


Get Lighting is an online retailer that prides itself in the selling of top-of-the-line residential lighting fixtures, along with fans, and other home décor. This site has been in operation since 2017, and always had a primary focus on delivering an extensive catalogue with competitive prices to consumers all across the United States. 


By subscribing to a product data feed with a reputable data provider in the lighting industry, they were able to offer a large catalogue, with real-time pricing and inventory updates. As a natural extension of their data partnership, it made sense to allow this same company to provide a website template and hosting platform for the business. 


As time went on, it was apparent that there was an abundance of issues with this arrangement, which ultimately guided Get Lighting in the wrong direction. They were facing an issue that no business ever wants to face – the prevention of meeting their growth goals, which of course, also translated to a lack of revenue. 

Evidently, their key problems from there on out were the following: 


  1. Their website was not ranking for keywords associated with their brand and the products that they had been selling, which was preventing them from reaching potential customers. 
  1. The visitors that did manage to make it to the website were not converting, as there were some glaring performance issues of the website; loading speed, mobile responsiveness, and navigation. 
Context & Challenge

Goals and Objectives

Facing these ongoing problems, this is when Get Lighting made the decision to reach out to us, as they had needed assistance from a full-service eCommerce agency. After we had conducted an in-depth analysis of their online presence, we determined that the two issues mentioned above were the key problems that they had been facing. 


 These were major issues that could not be taken lightly, as they were heavily affecting the success of our client. As their eCommerce partner, our job was to find the best solutions to solve these problems as soon as possible. 


When taking into consideration all the issues that they had been facing, we came up with a clear set of goals which we decided to make a top priority to find the solutions to. These goals were to: 


  • Build a better shopping experience for Get Lighting’s webstore (Completely optimize their site) 
  • And to take control of all their data 
Process & Insights

The Process

After thoroughly assessing the issues that they had been facing, and constructing a list of goals we wanted to attain to optimize their success – we decided it was time to take action on the problems they had been struggling with. See below the process of how we had met these goals: 


  1. To reiterate, our process began with evaluating Get Lighting’s operations by conducting a thorough assessment of their website to uncover the issues they had struggled with, and then making these problems a top priority. 
  1. We then presented to Get Lighting our findings, and what our recommendations were going forward to guide them onto the appropriate path to receive great results. 
  1.  We learned their key problems through our in-depth assessment, and discovered that our main goals were to take control of their data, automate certain tasks (product price and quantity updates, order fulfillment, along with customer interaction), and lastly to expand their reach through SEO, email campaigns, and other means we deemed necessary. 
  1. We analyzed their product data, then created a new system to manage updates and optimize listings. 
  1. We found that their product data was not optimized for SEO, so we ensured that was completed, prior to putting it on their site. 
  1. We organized their data through a third-party service called EcomDash, and began preparing their migration to Shopify. 
  1. We designed and developed a new website on Shopify that is mobile-responsive, visually appealing, and provides an overall enhanced user experience for consumers. 
  1. Then we continued our work with SEO, and started; social media management, social media advertising, Google advertising, and email campaigns.  


On the journey of completing these steps, we had noticed the fact that there was an abundance of competition on many of their SKU’s. We realized that Get Lighting must differentiate itself in the following ways; pricing, shipping fees, speed of delivery, and responsiveness to buyer inquiries.


After agreeing on the appropriate strategy to implement going forward, this is where our team really got down to work. Firstly, we started by organizing and optimizing their extensive catalogue of over 100,000 SKU’s. This for us was certainly the most challenging part. However, we were able to overcome such a formidable feat. We had achieved this by:


  • Setting up an automated inventory feed in EcomDash, which enabled Get Lighting to save money and take control of their data. 
  • We executed an SEO strategy, which entailed that through various SEO practices – we were able to help Get Lighting rank for relevant keywords which created a better online shopping experience for users looking for the products they sell. 
  • We migrated to Shopify, which in turn, built a better online shopping experience since we designed and developed a visually stunning, mobile friendly, fully-optimized website for our eCommerce partner. 

This allowed us to reach our main goals, which we set prior to our execution.

Process & Insights

Leveraging Social Media to Enhance Get Lighting’s Growth

After assisting Get Lighting on all of their major issues, we decided further action would be key to take them to the next level. Social media, which we all know, is a huge part of everyday advertising as it can reach a wide audience as soon as its posted. We thought that would be the best way to further increase our eCommerce partner’s online store traffic and conversions.


Leveraging the platforms of; Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest, we had used these additional channels to not only consistently make content and interact with page visitors, but also to run advertisements across these platforms. Keeping an active online presence on social media accounts is key to further enhance the growth of your business, which is what we at Verdure Digital also consider to be a top priority for our clients, when we feel they could use it. 


The Results

Since executing the plan to help Get Lighting build a better online shopping experience, take control of their data, and to enhance their social media presence, we’ve seen results that have shown us that the implementation of our strategies was successful and continue to be successful to this day. 


Since the implementation of our SEO services, Get Lighting’s keywords have been steadily increasing and are consistently bringing in new customers to their website. 


With a beautiful new website that is mobile-optimized and provides a better UX, we’ve seen conversion rates increasing month-over-month. Their new website has proven to meet both the needs and wants of Get Lighting and their customers. 


Below is an image of the new website we made through Shopify: 

In comparison to their original look: 

Here are the excellent results that Get Lighting had seen in 2020 on their website… 

These are their initial online store sessions in, conversions, and sales in Q1: 

Concept Lighting then started to see some substantial growth in Q2: 

This growth continued to be apparent in Q3 as well: 

And was not any different in Q4: 

It was evident that Get Lighting continued to succeed quarter-after-quarter when partnering with us, Verdure Digital. Going into 2021, this growth continues to occur. In conclusion, the results from our efforts exceeded Get Lighting’s goals and left them with… 


  • An easy-to-update inventory 
  • Synchronization with database for email marketing 
  • Synchronization with Google Shopping for advertising/SEO  
  • High online traffic, conversion rates, and an overwhelmingly high increase of sales quarter-after-quarter 
  • A modernized and highly optimized website 
  • A consistent social media presence through various major platforms
  • High performaning digital ads
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