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Concept Lighting Case Study

eCommerce Management Case Study Overview

Limited SEO, a disconnect between sales channels, limited online store traffic along with a weak conversion rate for their online store. These were the prevalent issues which caused Concept Lighting to make the decision that it was an absolute necessity to overcome. In doing so, they had the goal set in mind to reach the next level, in terms of meeting revenue goals and growing awareness of their business. They were seeking a full-service eCommerce agency to assist their needs, and flip the switch on their goals which could not yet be met. With the help of Verdure Digital, these issues were resolved, and the room for growth is now endless - as they continue to reach new heights quarter-by-quarter.

Context & Challenge


Concept Lighting is a Canadian lighting store with an in-store location in Oakville, ON, along with a website which ships all-across Canada. Concept Lighting’s purpose is to sell high-quality lighting fixtures along with fans and other home décor. 


Their goal in mind was always to provide a wide array of lighting fixtures and other décor at competitive pricing, throughout all of Canada. They subscribed to a product data feed which allowed them to offer a wide selection of items with real-time pricing and inventory updates. 


As time passed, they faced recurring issues with their current host who provided them with the data feed and website template. As a long list of issues continued to pile up for Concept Lighting, they decided that they needed an answer to all of these issues, and for a full-service agency to take these on and handle it. 


Their issues were as followed: 


  1. Weak SEO: not ranking for keywords associated with the brand or the products that they sold. 
  3. Low traffic & poor conversion rate: Since their SEO was a major issue, site visitors were not coming in high volumes, and if they did actually make it to the site, they were not converting. 
  5. An unoptimized website: Glaring performance issues in regards to; loading speed, mobile responsiveness, & navigation.
  7. A disconnect between sales channels: There was a disconnect between their website and additional sales channels, such as their Amazon storefront – these caused inefficiencies in their workflow and ultimately led to unnecessary expenses (such as additional data feed subscriptions for their Amazon storefront.) 
Context & Challenge

Goals and Objectives

Taking into consideration these issues that were holding Concept Lighting back from reaching their goals, they sought out us; Verdure Digital, a full-service eCommerce agency that looks to resolve any issues our clients are dealing with. 


Our first step in resolving this matter was to dig deep into what their issues were through an in-depth assessment, and the conclusion that we came to is that the issues of; Weak SEO, low traffic & conversion rate, an unoptimized website, and a disconnect between sales channels were the four key problems our client had been facing. Naturally, we decided to look at how we can resolve them. 


We planned a clear list of goals that we set our minds to achieve, to take our eCommerce partner to the next level, and these were to: 


  1. Use SEO strategies to get them ranking for relevant keywords, which will ultimately lead to bringing high volumes of traffic to their website
  3. Ensuring that this traffic was not going to waste, by translating it to conversions 
  5. Building a better shopping experience for consumers by completely optimizing their website and aligning all of their sales channels
Process & Insights

The Process

After digging deep into these matters through our assessment, and setting a clear list of goals to ensure the success of Concept Lighting – it was time to really get down to work.  Our entire process went like this: 


  1. Firstly, as stated before, we did a thorough assessment of what major issues Concept Lighting was facing, and then took it upon ourselves to construct a list of goals to resolve these problems. 
  1. We then presented to our eCommerce partner what we had found to be the issues, along with the goals we had in mind, to set them onto the path for success. 
  1. We decided some steps to take to put them on the right track were that of; synchronizing their product data (through aligning sales channels), automating certain tasks (product price and quantity updates, order fulfillment, along with customer interaction), expanding their reach and conversions (through SEO and digital marketing campaigns), and to completely optimize their website. 
  1. We analyzed their product data and created a new system to manage updates and optimize listings. 
  1. It was apparent that their data was not optimized for SEO, so we had ensured that was completed prior to listing it on the website. 
  1. We used a third-party system known as EcomDash to organize their data, then prepared for a migration to Shopify. 
  1. We put together their entire website on Shopify which is; mobile responsive, visually stunning, and ultimately provides a better user experience. 
  1. We created storefronts for Concept Lighting on Amazon and synchronized all of their product data on their sales channels to make their Shopify website a central hub of their business. 
  1. We decided the next step would be to add additional channels to further their reach & conversions. 
Process & Insights

Becoming Their Amazon Seller Consultant

As their Amazon Seller Consultant, we began by advising their selling strategy in relation to other competitors in their niche. Assessing the landscape allowed us to craft a pricing strategy that remained competitive, while still meeting the company’s financial goals. 


We decided that we also wanted Concept Lighting’s Amazon storefront to differentiate from competitors, in terms of; pricing, shipping fees, speed of delivery, and responsiveness to buyer inquiries. After agreeing on the appropriate strategy, our team got to work by organizing and optimizing their catalogue consisting of over 100,000 SKU’s, then creating their storefront and implemented product listings (evidently being our biggest challenge we had faced.) But we were successful…  


All of these steps helped provide Concept Lighting with the ability to experience a growth in traffic and conversions through an additional sales channel, which translated to very high revenue within their first year of working with us. To this day, growth in both of these aspects continues to occur quarterly. 

Process & Insights

Leveraging Social Media to Enhance Growth

Like many businesses, Concept Lighting had a fairly strong social media presence prior to us joining. Though there were some issues they had faced with past management, which eventually led to limiting their social media growth. Once we had taken over their social media presence, it had taken them to the next level.  


We took their Instagram page and connected it to their online store so we would be able to tag products directly from their site (so page visitors could go directly to a product they like in one easy click), we posted on a more consistent basis across Instagram, Facebook, and on Google MyBusiness. We frequently post stories along with polls to increase engagement on the account, and we interact with accounts in similar niches to increase page reach. Their Instagram account has amassed nearly 4,000 followers on Instagram and continues to see growth on a weekly basis. 


The Results

Since executing the plan to help Concept Lighting build an overall enhanced shopping experience, taking control of all their data, becoming their Amazon seller consultant, increasing the efforts of managing their social media presence, and using various SEO practices; we’ve seen results that have shown us that the implementation of our strategies was successful, and continue to be successful to this day. 


These are the results of their migration to Shopify, and total website optimization. The optimization led to Concept Lighting’s online website becoming mobile-responsive, visually stunning, and provide consumers with an overall better user experience. 


This is their current website which we had made through Shopify: 

In comparison to their original look: 

Here are the exceptional results that Concept Lighting had seen in 2020 on their website… 

These are their initial online store sessions in, conversions, and sales in Q1: 

Concept Lighting then started to see some substantial growth in Q2: 

In Q3 & Q4 we saw an increase in store traffic, but there was a decline in conversions and sales, it was partially due to the prime months of lighting fixture sales passing. Despite this, we still set a goal to continuously see growth year-after-year and ideally, quarter-after-quarter, which led to us implementing new strategies going into 2021. 

Going into 2021, we have started to implement even more strategies for our eCommerce partner, Concept Lighting, which has seen a lot of success so far. In conclusion, our efforts had guided them onto the right path and had translated to: 


  • An easy-to-update inventory 
  • Synchronization with database for email marketing 
  • Synchronization with Google Shopping for advertising/SEO  
  • Success on their Amazon storefronts
  • Synchronization of sales channels making their online webstore a central hub 
  • High online traffic, conversion rates, and a high increase of sales 
  • A modernized and highly optimized website 
  • And a consistent social media presence through a variety of platforms. 
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