Shopify Migration Leads to a 200% Sales Increase

The Challenge

ACRC Tools is Canada’s leading warranty repair depot for Schumacher Electric, Associated Equipment, and Clore Automotive products. As a local supplier of automotive equipment replacement parts, they enjoy a great deal of local brand recognition, but most of its past marketing has been focused on print campaigns, and driving in-store traffic. They had an e-commerce website built on Volusion, however it was not generating any traffic or sales. In order to compete today, ACRC Tools placed great value on the importance of attracting more website visitors, especially from the United States, where there is a larger market for their retail products.

The Solution

In the summer of 2018, we began by organizing ACRC’s massive inventory. We categorized each product appropriately, and created SEO-friendly product listings. Afterward, we designed a new online shop on the Shopify platform. The new website took a simpler approach to design and content delivery, loading fast and easy to navigate. Once the Shopify migration was complete, we immediately saw an increase in traffic, as well as session time.

Since the launch, we’ve also started to use email more effectively. Our abandoned cart e-mails have been increasingly successful, and our e-newsletter list keeps growing. Feedback from customers so far is that the user experience is now much smoother. Products are easy to find, and purchasing is simple and painless, with a variety of options including credit card and PayPal.

The Business Results

After the Shopify migration on October 1st, product sales soon began to increase. As we have continued to develop the site, optimizing product and collections pages for search results in both the United States and Canada, sales have continued to grow. In the first quarter of 2019, sales have grown 200% over the previous quarter, and on track for 800% by year end.


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