Local Retailer Expands Reach as an Amazon Seller

Case Study Overview

A website that’s not converting or ranking for keywords, a disconnect between sales channels, unsynchronized product data?! These were all issues that Get Lighting was experiencing, holding their online lighting store back from meeting their goals. Being a strictly online operation, these issues were rather large problems, as the company could not rely on in-store sales to help meet their set revenue goals. Knowing their problem areas, Get Lighting sought our full service eCommerce agency to help fix their issues and lead their business back onto the right track. Read on to see how we brought

Context and Challenge

Project Background and Description 

Get Lighting is an online retailer of residential lighting fixtures, ceiling fans, decor, furniture, and accessories. The site has been operating since 2017, with a focus on delivering an extensive catalog with competitive prices to customers across Canada.

By subscribing for a product data feed with a reputable data provider in the lighting industry, they were able to offer an extensive catalog, with real time pricing and inventory updates. As a natural extension of their data partnership, it made sense to allow this same company to provide a website template and hosting platform for the business.

Over time, it became clear that there were some issues with this arrangement, which were preventing Get Lighting from meeting their growth goals. Being a strictly online operation, this was a rather large problem for them, as they could not rely on in-store sales to meet their goals.

In order to meet their growth goals, Get Lighting sought an Amazon Seller Consultant to design their multi-channel strategy, beginning with the launching of a storefront on Amazon.ca. Expanding to new sales channels such as Amazon was particularly important, this would put their products on market places that are already getting hundreds of thousands of monthly visits, bringing new opportunities to their business.

The Problem 

There were several glaring issues that Get Lighting was experiencing:

  1. Their website was not ranking for keywords associated with their brand and products, which was preventing potential customers from finding them at all.
  2. Visitors that did make it to the site were not converting into customers – there were some glaring performance issues that were evident such as loading speed, mobile responsiveness, and navigation (In other words, customers had to wait too long for pages to load, had trouble finding the products they were looking for, and would typically get fed up well before any sort of buying action could take place!)
  3. There was a disconnect between their website and additional sales channels, such as their Amazon storefront and email campaigns, which caused inefficiencies in their workflows and allowed for unnecessary expenses to creep in (such as an additional data feed subscription for their Amazon storefront.)

After conducting an in-depth analysis of Get Lighting’s online presence, we determined those 3 issues to be the main problem areas. These were major issues that were affecting the success of Get Lighting and needed to be fixed ASAP.

As their eCommerce partner, our job was to find the best solution to solve these problems.

Goals and Objectives 

With the main problem areas in mind, we came up with a clear set of goals which we were tasked with creating a streamlined solution for.

These goals were to:

  • Build a better online shopping experience
  • Take control of their data 
  • Align all of their sales channels

After thoroughly understanding Get Lighting’s issues and coming up with an appropriate set of objectives, we got straight to work on the solution.

Process and Insights

Here you can see the process of how we got from the problem to the solution:

  1. Our process began with assessing Get Lighting’s operation by conducting a thorough assessment of their website and uncovering as well as prioritizing their issues
  2. We then presented Get Lighting with our findings and recommendations
  3. The main goals we found from our assessment were to synchronize their product data, (as they were running multiple feeds and sales channels), automate certain tasks (product price and quantity updates, order fulfillment, customer interaction), and expand their reach (SEO and digital marketing campaigns)
  4. We analyzed their product data, and created a new system to manage updates, and optimize listings
  5. We found that their product data was not optimized for SEO, so we optimized it before putting it onto the site
  6. Next we organized their data through a third party (EcomDash) service and began preparing their website migration to Shopify
  7. We designed and developed a new website on Shopify that is mobile-responsive, visually stunning, and provides a better user experience
  8. Then we synchronized their data with their Shopify site to make it the central hub of the business
  9. We then created storefronts on Amazon.ca and Amazon.com, and curated, smaller, targeted product collections that would provide the best selling opportunities on Amazon
  10. We decided the next phase will be to add additional channels to expand their business into an omni-channel approach
  11. After that we started SEO, SEM, and email campaigns


As their Amazon seller consultant, we began by advising their selling strategy in relation to the other competition in their vertical. Assessing the landscape allowed us to craft a pricing strategy that remained competitive, while still meeting the company’s financial goals.

With an abundance of competitors on many of their SKU’s, we realized that Get Lighting must differentiate itself in the following ways; pricing, shipping fees, speed of delivery, and responsiveness to buyer inquiries.

After agreeing on the appropriate strategy, our team set to work, first by organizing and optimizing their extensive catalogue of over 100,000 SKU’s. We set up their storefront, and began implementing product listings (which was the biggest challenge.)

However, we were able to overcome this challenge and successfully….

  • Setup an automated inventory feed in EcomDash 
    • This enabled Get Lighting to save money and take control of their data
  • Created Amazon storefront(s)
    • This was essential to help align all of their sales channels
  • Executed an SEO strategy
    • Through various SEO practices, we were able to help Get Lighting rank for relevant keywords which created a better online shopping experience for users looking for the products they sell
  • Migrated to Shopify
    • The migration to Shopify built a better online shopping experience as we designed and developed a beautiful, mobile friendly, fully optimized website for Get Lighting.

In turn, we were able to reach our outlined goals as talked about in the next section below.


Since executing the plan to help Get Lighting build a better online shopping experience, take control of their data,  and align all of their sales channels, we’ve seen results that have shown us that the implementation of our strategies were successful and continue to be successful.

After expanding into the Amazon.com marketplace, we saw Get Lighting project’s gross sales of over $1,000,000 from Amazon alone in 2019. This was a major increase and sales continue to grow each month to date!

Since the implementation of our SEO services, Get Lighting’s keywords have been steadily increasing and are starting to bring new customers to their website.

With a beautiful new website that is mobile-optimized and provides a better UX, we’ve seen conversion rates increasing month-over-month. Their new website has proven to meet both the needs and wants of Get Lighting and their customers.

Below is an image of the new website we made…

Compared to their old website…

In conclusion, the results from our efforts exceeded Get Lighting’s goals and left them with…

  • Synchronization between all sales channels
  • An easy-to-update inventory
  • Synchronization with database for email marketing
  • Synchronization with Google Shopping for advertising/SEO 


Let’s work together

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