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New SEO Techniques

From solopreneurs to marketing department managers, SEO is everything.

Sure, there are other techniques and ways to bring traffic and new customers to your website but search engines are also the number one way that nearly every single solitary person in our society finds what they’re looking for.

If you’re anything like most people interested in building a marketing strategy, you probably feel that you know almost everything there is to know about SEO but are still constantly on the lookout for something new.

On the surface, you’re likely to see the same five to ten pieces of advice repeated over and over again.

What you need are new SEO techniques and ways to innovate your current strategy, not just comb over the same ideas over and over again.

So for today’s article, we’ve decided to take a look at a few new SEO techniques.

These SEO techniques aren’t in the top ten that are constantly circulating for beginners.

With luck, more than a few will be a helpful addition to your already considerable SEO toolbox.

1. Long-Tail Keywords are Better for Voice Searches

Have you given any thought to the new world of voice searches? If not, don’t feel like you’re behind the curve.

Almost no one has realized just how much this smart home trend is transforming the way people search.

While cellphones have had voice command features for years, integration with smart homes has really kicked off both the options available for voice commands and how enthusiastically people are adopting the trend.

When considering SEO for the searches people speak aloud, focus on long-tail keywords.

While people may focus on using the fewest possible keystrokes for a search, talking is free and people tend to speak in run-on search terms.

2. Link to Helpful Internal Resources All the Time

You’ve heard about using anchor text for useful external links and the even more valuable topic of backlinks.

However, few people realize how valuable internal links to and from useful and active pages are on your website.

A good approach for this method is to use your already successful and high-authority pages.

Use those high-authority pages and link to the pages that you’d like to increase the ranking of.

As long as the links are relevant and helpful, this is an effective practice.

3. Have a Mobile App, and SEO Mobile App

SEO, all-encompassing but mostly focused on desktop-style web browsing, has been joined by a new acronym ASO or App Store Optimization.

This child of SEO and mobile apps is the art of making sure your apps appear on the first page and possibly even the first row of the app store when users search for a relevant keyword.

While you cannot SEO the content of your apps in the same way you can SEO web pages, you can optimize everything else about the app including the title, description, categorization, and even keywords in the reviews.

Tip: Consider using social media events to encourage certain keywords in your app store reviews by declaring a ‘word of the day’ and then spotlighting reviews that contain it.

This is a non-scam way to slightly control your review-based ASO.

4. Get Involved in Growing Podcasts

You may already know about backlinks and have a few good strategies to spread your influence and expertise around the internet.

However, there are always new strategies being developed to create genuine interest and useful content that will also result in a beneficial backlink to your site.

If you haven’t considered podcasts as a source of SEO and digital marketing capital, it’s time to start doing so.

Although podcasts have been growing quietly in the world of digital marketing, there are now thousands of podcasts building considerable, loyal, and interested audiences.

If you pick the right podcasts, an interview is as good as a guest post without any of the red flags from past spammy tactics.

5. Page Speed Is SEO

Inbound marketing and page ranking are the two biggest focuses of SEO.

You think about your inbound marketing value, the number of clicks and views, and of course your conversion metrics.

All of this makes it incredibly easy to overlook a factor that you can be sure the search engine crawlers have not missed: your page load speed.

Pages that load too slowly aren’t ‘good matches’ because visitors get frustrated and close them for something else.

Therefore, the page ranking algorithm favours faster pages.

Believe it or not, there are still tons of web pages out there that let their website design or, worse, their advertisements slow their page-load to a crawl.

6. Make, Host, and Share Infographics

You want links back to your site. Everyone does and so they have become a kind of currency you’re not allowed to trade.

However, you can absolutely build your marketing campaign around creating content that others will want to link back to.

Research and infographics are the two most common types of useful links.

They’re often linked even when an article writer doesn’t usually go for copious links.

This is because they convey an amount of information that’s easier to send readers than to explain in full.

It also provides credibility to their article and page authority to yours.

If you aren’t conducting research to publish the results, you can create dynamic and engaging to read infographics about hot topics.

7. Use Blog Comments

If you’re one of the successful few to get active commenters on your blog articles, this is a fantastic resource for SEO in a number of ways.

For instance, the discussions and questions you get can reveal good topics to cover next in your blog and keywords you should be focusing on (you can even use comments on your competitor’s blogs for this purpose)

Another way to benefit from your commenter interest is to promote and partner with your best commenters.

They know and care about your topics, have interesting things to say, and therefore have something to contribute to your efforts.

8. Write Teaser Intros to Everything

We’re wrapping up our new SEO techniques today with the one you’d think would be seen repeated more often but isn’t.

Anything from blog posts to videos and podcasting to your mobile app should be accompanied by an enticing taser intro.

For a blog, this might be called ‘the hook’ and has the same psychological effect as starting a book or movie right in the middle of the action.

You want readers of your teaser to be curious, intrigued, and wanting to know more.

This tip isn’t nearly as widespread as you might expect, it will make you stand out in a crowd.

Conclusion: New SEO Techniques

After reading this article, you hopefully have a few new SEO ideas that you can implement today. If used properly, these SEO ideas should give you an advantage over competitors.!

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