Mobile Marketing Primer to Accelerate E-Commerce

Mobile Marketing Primer

Mobile Marketing Primer to Accelerate E-Commerce

If you are a small to medium-sized business, mobile marketing to a targeted customer and a geographical area is essential to competing within your market sector. Maybe you’ve already entered into e-commerce with a desktop website that features online shopping, or maybe you’ve strictly existed as a brick-and-mortar. With either business platform, mobile marketing with targeted ads, a social media presence, and a website that is optimized for viewing on smartphones and tablets is a necessary sales strategy.

Mobile marketing of your products or service means you reach a larger customer base. These are the millions of Americans that spend up to 5 hours on their devices every day. Here we will outline mobile marketing avenues that will put you ahead of the online marketing game and allow you to capitalize on customers that are looking for businesses near to where they live and work.

Mobile Marketing Primer

Create a Mobile Marketing Strategy

Your e-commerce success won’t happen by chance. Partner with a digital e-commerce website strategy and design firm to make sure your brand has a strategy to connect with today’s online shoppers. This includes a mobile site that is responsive, displays well on all devices, and features a storefront design that is easy to navigate. If you’re not taking advantage of popular mobile payment methods like Google Wallet, Apple Pay, and PayPal, then you are not taking advantage of mobile marketing.

Consider an all-inclusive, e-commerce solution like Shopify that comes ready with a secure shopping cart, a host of customizable and engaging website themes, and is easy for customers to navigate. But, a great Shopify site must have the right back-end development to streamline processes and a front end that is designed to convert more online traffic to happy customers and final sales.

Use AdWords to Target Where Customers Search

Google Ads are perfect for advertising in the right place at the right time. Google AdWords is an advertising platform that pays-per-click (PPC) and is automatically accessed by your customer when they do a Google search or througn the Google Display Network. When a potential customer is actively searching for the keywords you have designated for your business, either your text ad, your display ad, or your advertising banner is returned.

There are multiple types of Google AdWords campaigns you can create, so consider outsourcing this task to a service provider that specializes in online marketing strategies. 

Optimize Your Site For Mobile Devices

There are a number of ways to make sure your website is optimized for mobile devices, but it starts with a mobile-friendly, responsive website design. A responsive website will automatically adjust to display nicely on the smaller smartphone and tablet screens. Here are some other features of a website that is optimized for mobile shoppers:

  • Reduce the amount of written content and information
  • Increase the use of video, chats, and messaging
  • Use geo-targeting (localized SEO) to capture customers in your area
  • Install app-based platforms for appointments or service quotes
  • Test your site for fast loading times and easy navigation

When you have a mobile marketing strategy that includes and easy to use e-commerce solution, mobile payment methods, and Google advertising with AdWords with a website that is optimized for mobile users, you can expect to increase your mobile conversion rates.

Contact us at Verdure Digital for complete mobile marketing solutions from back-end to front-end development, mobile optimization, and a host of plug-ins to integrate your website with in-store point-of-sales POS, retail management, and ERP systems. We have seen customers experience a 200% increase in sales when migrating to Shopify. Our web development services are designed to strategically maximize sales and give your customers a better online experience. 

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