How to Make Your Product Listings More Clickable

How to Make Your Product Listings More Clickable

How to Make Your Product Listings More Clickable

Numerous metrics exist for measuring the success of an eCommerce website. Yet at the end of the day, one of the simplest and most telling statistics involves your click-through rate. Click-through measures exactly what you would think it does: the number of people who actually click on your links when they appear on a search engine results page.

A good SEO strategy ensures that your pages enjoy as much search engine visibility as possible. This article takes a look at three of the most effective strategies on how to make your product listings more clickable.

Understand and Use Meta Descriptions

How your site ranks in a search engine directly relates to how well you have utilized SEO strategies on your various webpages. Yet the qualities that correlate to a strong SEO profile don’t always translate into an appealing search results listing. In many cases, the text displayed on the search results page will simply consist of bits of language from the first few sentences of your webpage.

These so-called organic snippets seldom contain the kind of language that will entice a consumer to click on your link. Worse still, that language is usually directed towards consumers who have already landed on your webpage and know what they’re looking for. To better target consumers who aren’t yet familiar with your company, you must utilize meta descriptions.

A meta description is a piece of text that is hidden in the HTML of a particular webpage. The meta description concisely and attractively summarizes what searchers can expect to find once they click on your link. By using meta descriptions, you can actively choose how you pitch your products, rather than letting Google make random decisions for you.

Optimize Your Page Titles Too

Meta descriptions dictate the text that appears below your page title in the search engine. What many people fail to realize is that you also have direct control over how your page title appears. Two key approaches exist when it comes to crafting the kind of page title that will induce clicks.

The first approach involves writing a succinct yet information-rich prose title. In other words, a single sentence that attractively summarizes the content or product that page contains. The second approach, known as the segmented title, contains two elements: a simple one- or two-word title and a list of important keywords, with a hyphen or vertical bar separating the two.

Whichever strategy you choose, remember that goal should always be to paint as clear and enticing a picture of your content as you can. Many people choose to coordinate their page title with the H1 tag from the on-page content, as this ensures a clear and consistent relationship between the search results and the page itself.

Don’t Be Scared to Experiment

Ultimately, the best page titles and meta descriptions are the ones that yield the highest number of clicks. While you can make smart decisions when it comes to strategizing these elements, you cannot always predict which approaches will actually perform the best. Don’t feel like you automatically have to stick with the first thing you come up with.

Instead, try experimenting with different approaches, monitoring the click through results for each one. Likewise, consider using online tools to help measure the success probability of different headlines. You can also use social media accounts to achieve the same goal. Simply repost the same content a few times, using different titles each time. How many views and/or likes does each approach garner?

Conclusions: How to Make Your Product Listings More Clickable

Optimizing your click-through rate means continuing to make tweaks and changes as necessary. We hope you learned something new from this article and are able to implement it into your business today!

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