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This is How to List a Product on Amazon FBA

Amazon’s FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) program allows sellers to store their products in Amazon’s fulfillment centers. This way, Amazon is responsible for picking, packing, and shipping your products when they sell. FBA is one of the most popular ways to scale a business and reach a larger number of customers. 

What is Amazon FBA?

The Amazon FBA program is a service provided by Amazon. It offers storage, packaging, and shipping assistance to sellers.

How Amazon FBA works

With Amazon FBA, you ship your merchandise to an Amazon fulfillment center for storage. Your items are stored in Amazon warehouses until they are sold, at which time Amazon picks and pulls your item to ship for you. Amazon also provides customer service for products in the FBA program. 

Amazon FBA fees

It’s not free to participate in the Amazon FBA program. Sellers are responsible for paying certain fees when they sell products through FBA. The FBA fee is a flat fee per unit – it’s based on the size and weight of the product in question. There are other types of fees involved in the program, too. For example:

  • Monthly inventory storage fees: Based on the calendar month and your daily average inventory volume
  • Long-term storage fees
  • Removal order fees: If you have Amazon return or dispose of your inventory (paid per-item)
  • Returns processing fees: If Amazon offers free return shipping on a product
  • Unplanned service fees: For when inventory arrives at a fulfillment centre without proper preparation or labelling
  • FBA inventory storage overage fee

Is Amazon FBA Worth it?

Amazon FBA can prove valuable to lots of different businesses. You’ll have to do the math to determine whether the program will benefit your exact business goals. Small items that sell quickly are cheaper to store with Amazon than larger items that sell slowly. Large, low-cost products tend to move more slowly; Amazon FBA isn’t always the most profitable way to sell those items.

Online selling is also a sizable commitment, it’s something you need to consider before you jump into FBA headfirst. You’ll have some new work added to your usual schedule if you choose to use the FBA program. Items must be prepared to meet certain requirements before they ship, and you’ll benefit from staying on top of your inventory numbers too. 

How to List a Product on Amazon FBA

Before you list

Before you can actually list a product for sale via Amazon’s FBA program, you’ll need to finish up a few important steps. These include:

  • Buying a UPC code: UPC codes are unique identifiers used to differentiate between products; you need to buy a UPC code for an item you plan to list on Amazon. GS11 is one of the most established websites to make UPC code purchases through; Amazon recommends it
  • Taking photos: You need high-quality, clear product images for your listing; photographs must be a minimum of 1000 pixels on the short side; products should take up at least 85-90% of the image
  • Entering weight and dimensions
  • Choosing keywords
  • Selecting a category 

Listing your product

Now it’s time to actually list products! You can begin on the Dashboard of your Amazon Seller Central page; then click on Inventory > Add A Product > Create A New Product Listing.

From here, you can select your product’s categories and then set up the actual listing. It’s easiest to do this in Advanced View. You’ll need to fill out three key pages: the Vital Info page, the Offer page, and the Description page. 

  • If your product is available in different sizes or colours, you’ll also need to create variations for your listing. This is simple: search “Inventory File Templates” from the Help tab on your Dashboard and download the proper template for your product. 

Conclusion: How to List a Product on Amazon FBA

It’s that easy to list a product on Amazon FBA! Just make sure you do your research and ensure it makes sense for your business to sell with Amazon FBA, happy selling!

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