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The Top 3 Free Shopify Themes There are hundreds and hundreds of different Shopify themes out there for your choosing. Choosing the RIGHT theme for your brand is essential, your theme is the foundation of your eCommerce website design. Each theme has its own unique characteristics and features. This can make picking a theme a difficult task because you may have no idea know where to start. It then becomes even more difficult when you have to weigh each theme’s price point. Shopify themes can range anywhere from $0 to in the hundreds. However, for most small businesses, spending a couple hundred on a theme may not be feasible at this point in time. So for that reason, we’ve put together a list of the Top 3 Free Shopify Themes that you should check out. All the themes listed below are also mobile-friendly!  

#1. Brooklyn

Brooklyn has proven to be one of the most popular free Shopify themes out there. With 74% of its reviews being positive it definitely holds its weight being a free theme. Brooklyn is tailor-made for modern apparel stores and can be optimized for large inventories. In addition, you can choose between their two different ‘classic’ and ‘playful’ styles. This allows you to further optimize the theme around your brand’s style.
Definitely one of the best free themes considering the reviews
Some of the features of the theme include • Slide-out cart: Enables customers to easily add to their cart without leaving their current page • Header slideshow: This Lets you showcase multiple product or brand images at the top of your home page • Dynamic product grid: Changes product layout automatically based on how many are displayed Here are a couple of stores already using this theme • String Theory • Valka Yoga  

#2. Minimal

Minimal is another great option to consider. This theme has a simple, clean design that keeps the focus on your products. Therefore perfect for any small business looking to showcase its products. With 3 different styles ‘Vintage’, ‘Fashion’, and ‘Modern’ it can be further customized towards your brand’s style.
Three unique styles to choose from
Some of the features of the theme include • Slideshow: Showcase multiple product or brand images on your home page • Product image zoom: Give customers a closer look and extra product details when they hover over an image • Product recommendations: Showcase recommended products on product pages to increase discoverability Here are a couple of stores already using this theme • Leica Store Miami • Uppercase Magazine (The reviews for this theme are also 86% positive!)  

#3. Simple

If you’re interested in another clean and minimal theme, perfect for showcasing products then Simple is a good choice. This theme puts your products on full display which can be an excellent selling point for small businesses.
We recommend this theme if your business has a large inventory since it revolves around your products and is optimized to fit it. Some of the features of the theme include • Image animations: Product and brand images animate into the page to create a sleek, transition effect • Product recommendations: Showcase recommended products on product pages to increase discoverability • Sidebar menu: Feature an accordion-style menu in your sidebar to easily display your products and collections

Conclusion: The Top 3 Free Shopify Themes

Now that you’ve had a chance to learn about all 3 themes you can find the one that fits best with your brand. Above all, we recommend playing around with each theme to see which one works best for your needs.

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