Email Marketing Platforms For Business Marketing

Email Marketing Platforms For Business Marketing

This article will go over how email marketing can benefit your business and 3 excellent email marketing platforms available.


Email marketing is becoming increasingly crucial for organizations as a method of marketing various products and services.

Let us try to understand email marketing and why it is a successful marketing tool.

How Email Marketing Works

So how exactly does email marketing work?

According to research, email marketing is bound to grow. Most companies concentrate on social media as a channel of marketing, yet email is an untapped potential resource.

Email campaigns use lists of segmented customers and are therefore able to customize marketing messages for their target market.

Unless an email has been marked as spam, a consumer is likely to open an email from a marketing campaign the same way they would open an official email.

The Benefits of Email Marketing For Various Organizations

The following are the advantages of using email marketing for businesses:

  • High ROI-It has a high return on investment (ROI). Email marketing campaigns have a higher return on investment as they have more conversions than social media campaigns. They are an economical way of marketing for businesses on a budget.
  • High open and click-through rates– Since they can be customized to have the name of the recipient on the subject, the personalization aspect makes them appealing to consumers, and hence they have a high conversion.
  • Monitoring and evaluation-It is easy to know how successful your marketing efforts are because email campaigns are measurable.
  • Wide reach-It is accessible to various demographics. A company can market its products and services globally.

Now that we’ve gone over how email marketing works and the benefits, let’s jump right into the various types of email marketing platforms.

The Various Types of Email Marketing Platforms

Various email marketing platforms overlap in their functions like email scheduling and social media integrations, but they have differentiating features.

Let us sample some email marketing platforms in the market and how you can use them effectively to grow your business.


Mailchimp is popular with bloggers and people who create lots of content every day.

It is cost-effective, and business owners find it convenient because of the free domain and the easy-to-use templates.

The free plan allows for 10,000 emails per month for up to 2000 contacts.

The other plans have different prices, and the costs are dependent on the number of contacts you want to send to.

Email Marketing platforms -mailchimp pricing

However, one thing to be aware of is that Mailchimp does not make it easy to send a campaign to various email lists at a go, and some do not find it easy to use when sending to many subscribers; some experience in email campaigning comes in handy with this platform.

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Constant Contact

Constant Contact is a great platform for those who have never done email marketing before, as it is simple to use.

It mainly targets small businesses and is a well-established platform that has high deliverability across many email service provides and therefore are pricey.

Yet, they have not advanced in features development and charge $20 for only 500 subscribers.

Email Marketing platforms Constant Cart Pricing

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Get Response

Get Response has features like webinar hosting, landing pages, and automated marketing systems (sales funnels and newsletters), which are great for business websites.

It is an excellent platform for beginners as it has easy to use templates and automation are easy to set up.

Its tools and statistics can help businesses know what is working and what is not working.

The prices are competitive considering the features they provide, and they have various plans; however, they only allow a 1000 subscriber list for their $15 plan, which might not be cost-effective for beginners.

email marketing platforms Get Response pricing

They also need to improve on their delivery as there are some platform errors that inconvenience users, and some of their features can be improved.

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Conclusion: Email Marketing Platforms For Business Marketing

Various users have different views on each platform as each has its advantages and disadvantages as far as product delivery is concerned i.e., features, templates, interface, etc.

What matters at the end of the day is the functionality aspect and the price thereof.

Return on Investment on marketing to the business is key.

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