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Best Products To Sell on Amazon FBA in 2021

Running a successful business on Amazon FBA depends on the kind of products you decide to sell.

It is not wise to randomly pick products and start selling because a product that you think will sell on Amazon FBA may not be necessarily of interest to consumers.

Here is what you should know about Amazon FBA. 

Benefits of Amazon FBA 

Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) is a means for sellers to ship their products directly to an Amazon warehouse. This is very beneficial because Amazon handles sales, picking the product inventory, shipping, customer service, and returns. Amazon FBA fees are also very low and range from 45 cents per cubic foot to about $1 per cubic foot depending on the type and size of the products you’re selling. The fees also depend on the season your items are at the warehouse.

Because FBA is handled by Amazon, orders are processed and shipped faster than those sent out from retailers. Amazon FBA has the ability to make your products gain more visibility in the marketplace and this essentially translates to more sales.

The FBA also makes your products eligible for Amazon Prime free two-day shipping and other similar options. The FBA has earned credibility with customers and it’s, therefore, a great place to sell your products. 

What Makes a Good Product to Sell on Amazon FBA? 

There are different factors that make a good product to sell on Amazon FBA. A good product should be well priced in comparison to other Amazon FBA products.

The key price range for most customers is usually about $10 to $70. Also, gone are the days when unbranded generic products were sold on Amazon FBA.

Currently, a good product should have a private label to help customers identify with a specific company or brand. A good product should also be non-seasonal to achieve year-round and steady profits when sold on Amazon FBA. 

Popular/Trending Amazon FBA Products 

Here are the best products to sell on Amazon FBA in 2021: 

Clothing, bags, and accessories 

These products are usually categorized as standard-sized products and normally incur low charges for storage at an Amazon Fulfillment Center.

One of the major advantages of selling clothes, bags, and accessories on Amazon FBA is that multiple items can easily fit into one modest-sized box. Also, the storage of such items does not compromise the quality or safety of the products.

This essentially means that you can maximize the cost-efficiency of your storage space by packaging multiple products. 


Footwear is always a marketable product on Amazon FBA. People still need shoes for their day-to-day lives, such as those for office, gym trainers, and sports.

Mostly, shoes are packaged in small boxes and are easy to ship. Thus, footwear products are a good fit for Amazon FBA.

Personal Care Items 

With the world still under restrictions and quarantines, many customers are using amazon to purchase their personal care items.

Some of the personal care products to sell on Amazon FBA include face masks, nail polish, and hair-care products. 

Fitness Items 

Gyms and workout studios remain closed due to Covid-19 requirements, so people have turned to at-home workouts.

You can therefore stock your Amazon FBA with at-home workout products. Some of the fitness items you can quickly sell include dumbbells, yoga mats, exercise bands, and water bottles.

These products have a high probability of selling pretty quickly. 

Games and Puzzles 

People are currently into games and puzzles for entertainment. Millennials in particular are jumping into puzzles and they are buying them fast. Therefore, you can sell products such as board games, puzzles, laptop skins. 


People are currently reading books a lot and amazon remains a great place to sell them. Small and medium-sized businesses can use modest packaging for shipping books to Amazon’s Fulfillment Centers. Thus, consider selling books on Amazon FBA. 

Conclusion: Best Products To Sell on Amazon FBA in 2021

Finding the best products to sell on Amazon FBA can be very profitable. Take time and try these amazing options and you’ll notice a turnaround of your business.

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