Amazing eCommerce Website Designs [Examples]

Amazing eCommerce Website Designs [Examples]

Amazing eCommerce Website Designs [Examples]

So you’re looking for some inspiration! Good for you, we think finding inspiration is the best place to start on your journey. Creating your websites design isn’t an overnight task, it requires a level of critical thinking and effort in making it towards how you envision it in your mind.

As you already know the way your website looks is very important. However, eCommerce website design is more complex than you may think. It considers the way a site actually works, the flow from one page to the next, how it tells a story, and the mood it triggers, rather than solely the way it looks. Here are 3 prime examples of websites that have exceeded in their web design strategy.

#1. Two Chimps Coffee

Two Chimps Coffee has a concept to their website like no other. They’ve created a design that is unique and fun all the way from their homepage to choosing a type of coffee. Two Chimps Coffee stuck with a black and white theme but incorporates pops of colors between pages along with transitional effects which makes their website and products stand out.

Along with a beautiful website, Two Chimps Coffee made sure to prioritize their page load speeds to create an overall great website experience.

Using Google’s PageSpeed Insights we’re able to view this data


  • If done correctly, transition effects between pages can make your website stand out from competitors (make sure not to overdue it)
  • Creating an experience for your customers is a must (In this case, Two Chimps Coffee created an experience by asking the potential customers questions in order to suggest them a coffee. Thus involving them and creating a personalized experience).
  • Prioritize page load time no matter the complexity of a site

#2. Flower by Eddie Parker

Taking on a so to seem flower child theme, Flower by Eddie Parker excels in simplicity and showcasing their products. Their website color scheme incorporates bright and appealing colors that are easily able to attract people into viewing the smoking accessories that they offer.


  • Simple doesn’t mean boring
  • Bright and appealing colors can be used to ones advantage

#3. Simply Chocolate

Nowadays, appealing graphics and visuals are everything. Simply Chocolate takes a unique approach to things, using a call to action on their products images. Having all the chocolate bars on their home page, with one intriguing click you can tear the chocolate bars wrapping off and uncover a mouth watering image. All done in a manner that works well with the overall flow of their website.


  • Don’t be afraid to try new things (In this case, Simply Chocolate having added a call to action to “rip” the packaging is something that you won’t find on the majority of other eCommerce websites)
  • Professional high quality images are essential

Conclusion: Amazing eCommerce Website Designs

We hope that one of these three sites has given some inspiration for your own websites design. Remember, even though the visual aspect is important, you want to make sure you’re focusing on the flow from one page to the next, how your website tells a story, and the mood it triggers.

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