8 Must-Try Mass Email Marketing Tips (2020)

9 Email Marketing Tips to Kick Your Campaign Up a Notch

8 Must-Try Mass Email Marketing Tips (2020)

With competition for inbox space and customer attention being fierce, this article will go over 8 must-try mass email marketing tips to help your emails stand-out to a large audience.


Email marketing has existed for decades and was one of the first forms of digital marketing. In fact, the ROI for email marketing is the highest for any other digital strategy.

Hard as it may be to believe about such an old technique, the market is still growing. The more businesses get online and start building their digital communities, the more email lists, services, and innovative automation technology we’re going to see.

There is no denying that email marketing is still on the rise. With literally millions of other companies using the same style and tactics, competition for inbox space and customer attention is fierce.

Try these mass email marketing tips…

You want your business emails to be among the handful of emails that your customers actually look at and click on today as opposed to the dozens they will delete without reading.

This means it’s time to put some thought into your email campaign. Even if its been working for you, even if you have an ‘acceptable’ response and coupon-redeeming rate, it could always be improved.

Let’s take a look at 8 of the most effective email marketing tips to kick your campaign up a gear.

#1. Scrub Your Mailing List

Most email marketing teams measure their success by the size of their mailing list.

These colossal digital spreadsheets are often put together over the years, even decades, of carefully gathering, curating, and keeping email addresses of leads and former customers.

But ask yourself, exactly how many of those email addresses are still active? How many open and read your emails and how many have long-ago told their email software to sort your messages straight into the Spam folder?

Chances are, the size of your mailing list is much larger than the true size of your active email audience.

Put together a plan to assess engagement, attempt re-engagement, and remove addresses that never respond to your outreach.

There’s no point in sending mass emails to people who never open them in the first place so we heavily suggest cleaning up your email list.

#2. Optimize for Mobile Email Checking

When mobile phones first started accessing the internet (a long time ago, we know), one of the leading things that a phone user could do was check their email.

When emails are written, typically marketing teams tend to assume they will be read through a computer. However, mobile devices keep us connected in many ways now.

Most of us can and do keep up with our emails on-the-go through a phone or tablet. Remember that when designing your emails to be sure they are comfortable to read on a tiny phone screen and equally attractive on a large office monitor.

#3. Make It a Club

There are many different ways to run a marketing mailing list. However, the best ones make your clients feel like you’re offering them a special service instead of them doing you a favor by reading your emails.

You want your customers to feel privileged when you send them an email. The best way to do that is to turn your mailing list into an exclusive club.

Each subscriber should be thought of as a valued club-member, seemingly hand-picked because they are one of the ‘right people’. 

Offer them exclusive club-member deals or make certain areas of the website only accessible to them.

Remember to take on the attitude of a 5-star hotelier to add that touch of luxury and service where there was none.

#4. Mouthwatering Subjects and Preview Text

Let’s face it, it’s hard to write good subject lines that serve a marketing purpose without coming across as promotional spam.

Any subject line with even a single “$” or “!” are likely to be disregarded as spam unless you already have customers waiting on the edge of their seats for your next personalized coupon.

Instead, think of something clever, interesting, curious, and perhaps a little surreal. This will catch attention without ‘shouting’ about your next sale.

Then use the preview text to give your mailing list members a good reason to open the email once the subject catches their attention.

#5. Brand Your Receipts

When a customer buys something from you, whether it’s a product, service, or warranty claim, naturally you send them a digital receipt via email.

This is a great way to help everybody keep clean records and to provide a rock-solid confirmation that the order has been accepted and processed.

However, if the receipts you’re sending out are plain or minimalist, you’re missing out!

This is the perfect opportunity to hand-craft a thank you email to each one of your active and paying customers.

Take some time to design a delightful receipt email that is easy to read. This receipt email should include some extra information, and subtly promotes your brand through design and customer service.

#6. Images Must be Clickable

The internet has changed significantly since the beginnings of email and email marketing.

Once, embedded assets like images and links were challenging, and combining features were rare. Now? Everything is clickable.

Whether or not you include helpful links, customers will try to click your content for more information, and finding something unresponsive generates frustration.

Make sure your images, especially subject-header images, are clickable and lead to a full-text web page.

Videos should be playable instead of redirecting somewhere else and any text title referencing something external should also be able to route readers to another page.

In fact, it’s probably best to just make everything clickable.

#7. Encourage Readers to Send Replies

Getting information back on the effectiveness of your emails can only work in a few select ways.

You can send out personalized codes and see how many get used, you can use unique landing pages and see which pages get the most hits, you can use advanced analytics software to try and clean more subtle information, or you can accept replies back from your marketing emails.

While every approach is good, we strongly suggest implementing an engagement approach to your email marketing.

Instead of telling customers not to reply to your automated address, invite them to reply to your email in a variety of ways.

Send them fun questions to answer, ask for testimonials, or even create a ‘handshake’ interaction where they send you an email in order to get a personalized discount code. Just get emails replies!

#8. Get a Second Opinion

Finally, when you’ve written and designed a truly genius new email template, don’t take your own word for how great it is.

It’s important to get fresh eyes on an email before it becomes official. Ask a colleague to give your email a once-over to check for spelling and grammar mistakes, phrases where your meaning is unclear, or a quick check to make sure your visual assets really do look tidy and engaging.

With a positive second opinion, you’re ready to automate and fire out your emails.

Conclusion: 8 Must-Try Mass Email Marketing Tips

Email marketing is developing faster than almost any other type of digital marketing technique.

This makes it important to keep your strategy modern, agile, and engaging.

We hope after reading this article you have some new ideas on ways you can improve your next email marketing campaign.

let’s work together!

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